Rene Pierre Carrousel Pooltafel exclusive line 6 ft 3 delige leisteen

Vanaf  5.745,00 incl. BTW

This Louis XVI billiards’ design gathers tradition and modernity to be always close to the latest trends.

Furniture finished a wild cherry finish that can be entirely put to pieces, with plain molded legs. The metallic frames grant rigidity and flatness to the playing area.
The cushions frame up to the BCA specifications leather pockets are assembled by inserts on a rectified slate table, bringing some more refinement to this billiard table. Whatever the state of the floor may be, the legs can easily be adjusted by a system of jacks, that make the table completely levelled. Thanks to its top table, this billiards can easily be turned into a ten-person dining table

Gewicht: 180 kg

Afmetingen: 218 × 125 × 76 cm